Marita Speen Art | Live More With Less – My Approach To a Minimal Lifestyle
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Live More With Less – My Approach To a Minimal Lifestyle

When I first heard about minimalism I thought that was nothing for me. People with just 100 things in their belonging?

That was just out of my imagination.
Oh what was I wrong! Somehow I started to slowly buy less things and sort out all those stuff-filled corners of my home. I remembered reading about minimalism some time ago and I was curious again. I found out that minimalism was not at all about living with as less things as possible. It means a shift in meaning, not living for things but for experiences. This concept of minimalism spoke to me and since then I am trying to determine my very personal form of it.

I still have no idea how someone can live with just 100 items in their belonging. But I can understand why that is something one would like to achieve. For me it is about the question what I want to fill my life with. Do I always want to care about all the things? I have to clean them, arrange them, pay for them, they just suck up so much time and money! I don’t want to have anything in my life that I don’t find to be beautiful or useful. How many hours do I need to work for this? What time would it cost me to own a car or a bigger flat? It became clear to me that the things I owned started to own me.

I gave away a lot of my books I read as a teenager. Out of maybe 100 books there are 10 left I really couldn’t part with. Did I miss them since? Not a single moment! Another example is my closet. I don’t know anymore how much clothes and shoes I gave away. Do I miss them? No! I am so happy I only have those things I love in my closet!

I am far away from these minimal super shiny and beautifully designed homes you find on pinterest. But that is nothing I really need my home to look like. Maybe someday.. I still have so much things I don’t really find to be useful or beautiful. Some people are happy with a packing party and get rid of all the stuff at once. But that’s not how it works for me. I need more of a slow process to really determine what is right or wrong for me.
There are so many aspects minimalism finds application to. Be it what I eat and drink or how I do sports or how my art looks.

I am thankful I stumbled across minimalism, it enriches my life in so many aspects.

If you are interested in this concept, check out the following links:

– the minimalists are two really inspiring humans. I love their essays and podcast.
– Erin from Reading My Tea Leaves is super inspiring! She lives in a 500 square feet apartment with her husband and daughter. She has beautiful ideas about living small and has some really valuable series on her blog.
– project 333 is about altering your wardrobe so you only have 33 items for the next 3 months in your closet. I didn’t do that yet but it’s an interesting approach.
– an all season capsule wardrobe may be another approach to a more meaningful wardrobe.
What do you think about minimalism, do you incorporate this concept to some aspects of your life? Would you like to follow me on my minimalist journey? I would love to hear what experiences you made, lets chat in the comments!
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