Marita Speen Art | On the road – time flies
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On the road – time flies

It has been 24 days (out of 49) since my boyfriend Fabian and I started our road trip in the US. These days have been incredible! Everyday something new to see, somewhere new to sleep, new inspiration everywhere and new experiences that let us grow individually and as a whole.

Artistically I thought it would be different. I thought that I would produce awesome new stuff right away. I thought that all those incredible colors should force me to paint all day! But it’s different. I don’t have the time or the circumstances to paint or draw everyday. We have to pack our tent every morning, we drive quite a couple of hours everyday, we walk a couple of miles everyday and we have to set up our tent again, cook, plan the next day, etc. So all those impressions have to wait until we stay somewhere for more than one night and I have the time to work a bit.

And there is something else, too. I feel like I have to digest all those colors, forms, movements, sounds, before I can use them and convert them into something that reflects all this.

I could talk for hours about the ever changing blue of the sky, the neon green lichens that grow on the trees, the blue, green and black of the sea and lakes, the red of the rocks and sand, the mourning of the trees and water. And I could stare at all this for even longer! But when I directly want to convert this impression I fall into the trap of copying it and thats by far not my intention.

So all these impressions pile up and eventually fall onto the paper when they are ready. I try not to force myself and live completely in the moment and just grab my colors when I feel the urge to. That might by far not be the most productive way to work, but in the longterm it is so much more convenient and long lasting. And I feel like I can draw from a massive vocabulary when I am back home and in the studio.

Some pictures that don’t leave my mind (no chronological order):

If you want to follow along our journey for the next 26 days head over to my instagram account @maritaspeenart (unfortunately I just have internet on a really bad phone (just bought for our trip) with almost no battery lifetime and a crappy camera, so I can just upload photos to my instagram when we have Wifi (most of the time it’s the best excuse to grab a coffee at mcdonalds :p).

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