Marita Speen Art | About
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About Marita

Marita was born in the western part of Germany. In her young age she moved a lot within Germany but settled in western Germany again in her youth near the Eifel with smooth mountains, a lot of forrest and old towns. The proximity to nature is still present and travel is a big part of her life. 2013 she began her studies of Arts and Media Design in Wuppertal.


Since then her work became more and more abstract, seeking for the unspoken between words. Art is her form to communicate nearly vanished memories, impressions, emotions. Every work conveys a little story within the big story of a life.

About my Work

Abstraction is a form of direct expression of my mind, memory and experience. Unfiltered from words it tells the emotional and spontaneous story of my life. Art is my nonverbal form of thinking.


Memories blend together, deform and become something individual, independent from reality. Just like memories develop a life of their own, my paintings tend to do the same. They grow into their own narrative strand, every sketch and big painting contribute to the story.