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I study art and media design at the university in Wuppertal, Germany.
I am happy that my fellow students and I have the opportunity to work in a studio in the university. There is a lot of space, light and best of all the other artists/students you work with in the studio. It’s a great space to learn from each other.
For my new homepage I was happy that some friends of mine took photos of me working in the studio.
I wanted to share them with you to give you a little insight into my studio space, my routine and maybe you can get to know me a little better through these photos.
I am lucky to have almost a whole wall for myself. On the right is a little table crammed with stuff:
I always use chocolate ice-cream containers to mix colors. My ice-cream consumption is out of control but I have an excuse. In the back you can see my light boxes I made for my practical exam and some books about art and art theory.
I almost always work on the floor or at least start there. I love the concrete floor in the studio. You don’t need to take care and I make huge messes on a regular basis. But the best are these marks from generations of students who have worked here.
studio_tour_maritaspeenart-01 studio_tour_maritaspeenart-10 studio_tour_maritaspeenart-06
I often include my yoga practice in the studio work. It’s even happened that I fell forward and nearly ruined the canvas.
studio_tour_maritaspeenart-03 studio_tour_maritaspeenart-08
There is a lot of water involved when I work. Did I mention I love this concrete floor?
Last but not least our old-established studio chair. I love to flop down on it and drink a cup of coffee while chatting or recap on the studio day.
If you are interested in a more in depth insight into my studio practice come and follow me on Instagram. I share my day in the stories and post updates regularly.


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