Trying to fit to that schedule

I hang around with this blog post in my mind for quite some days. I felt bad! And that is exactly the reason why I write about it now!

When I started my blog some weeks ago I so urgently wanted to plan ahead posts at least for half a year. I read that you do so as a good blogger. I read that it is a good idea to stick to a routine. I really tried! I wanted to come up with 50 blog post ideas and write posts ahead of time in order to schedule them. I wanted my blog to be that super fancy lifestyle thingy with a super fancy weekly newsletter.
Know what?
If you consider this as a blogger, then I am not!
I can’t! I can’t come up with valuable content for half a year! I can not stick to a schedule! I can not write about my week every sunday! I can not produce a super fancy bloggers paradise out of thin air!
Know what even trying does to me? It follows me around every single hour on every single day! Every night I go to bed thinking about how awfully I am as a blogger because I couldn’t come up with a new idea. I tried to fit myself into a category. I lost my freedom.
I know, they say: „If you want to be a real blogger then you have to stay up late and wake up early, you have to sacrifice yourself for your blog. …”
But one thing I realized with my attempt at becoming a „real blogger“:

I am not a blogger!
I am an artist!

I want to have a blog to write about my life as an artist, student, human, traveller, adventurer! I want to connect with other people! I want to have a blog post with just one photo, against every blogging rule out there. I don’t want to schedule my life ahead. I don’t want to write about the 50 best tips to become a blogging artist. That’s just not me!
And most of all it hinders me at being a creative artist! Scheduling is the worst enemy of creativity!
I know, some will say: „But you just tried it a month or so. Why don’t you try to stick to it for at least a year? How do you know it won’t work out?”
I like to make this thing work out so much! I didn’t want it to fail. So I read everything about blogging and starting a blog and writing good content. I wanted that one instruction that works for me. But that is just not the way it works for me. There is no such instruction. I don’t see this try as a failure. I won’t stop blogging now. I just will go on searching for the one way a blog will work for me. And it simply doesn’t work with a blogging schedule.
Maybe 2 years from now I will face palm myself for this and have a blogging schedule I actually stick to. And it may work for this „two-years-from-now-me“. But it doesn’t for the „now-me“.
So here I am doing what I like!

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  1. Same here 🙂
    Good job, coming to that conclusion so quickly. I’d rather find out sooner than later. Saves so much time and gets rid off stress induced insomnia. I haven’t got a faintest how I can make my blog a weekly thing and hearing that you struggle with this as well helps a lot!

    So kudos 🙂


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