On the road – one week to go

Just one more week and I will sit in a plain on a 10-hour flight to Seattle. I am talking about it nonstop lately and I feel a little bit sorry for my friends in real-life and on the internet. Thanks folks for enduring me!

My boyfriend and I will meet in Seattle (he studied 10 months in Kansas), pick up our rental car and go shopping for the essential supplies we can not take with us. The next day our roadtrip-adventure will start! For anyone who is curious about where we are going, this is our roughly planned route:

Seattle -> San Francisco -> Lake Tahoe -> Yosemite NP -> Death Valley NP -> Grand Canyon NP -> Yellowstone NP -> Glacier NP -> Banff NP -> Jasper NP -> Vancouver -> Seattle

As you can see we are not planning on staying in cities so long, instead of San Francisco and Vancouver. We are too excited for all the National Parks and nature! Because of our budget we rented the smallest car available and will camp every night, maybe stay at a place with a roof occasionally.

You know what I am most excited about? Besides experiencing this adventure with my love? Doing art in a totally different environment, with a totally different schedule, different supplies, different impressions etc. etc. I take with me some essential art supplies I really can not live without and I leave all the expectations at home. I am just so happy to be able to travel and make art on the road, I am so excited what I will bring home with me. No matter if it’s the big breakthrough or a new idea, a new approach or just a new color I fall in love with. Getting out of my comfort zone of the studio I work in every day, the supplies I use every day, the things I see every day. Breaking through all these layers of cozy cotton wool that tend to build up during a time of routines.

Besides of my drawing and painting I am planning on taking lots of photographs. I will take with me a bunch of analog films and two of my analog cameras. I started photographing analog a while ago after my experimental photography with chemicals. It’s a secret love of mine. Lets see what happens with that project!

For everyone who is curious about what art supply I will take with me on our trip (though I will probably not take all the soft pastels with me but of course a bunch of pencils not pictured here):


Oh, and by the way, I want to try to post to this post once a week while we travel. I will tell you about our experiences, ups and downs and of course show you some of my work. In order so see hopefully daily updates feel free to visit my Instagram and give me a follow, so you don’t miss anything!

Do you have anything big planned this year? Something that throws you out of your comfort zone? A big or a small adventure? Tell me about it! I just am a really curious person.

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