Artist Portrait Studio

I make abstract art that is all about movement, excitement, freedom and life! Besides my art and media design study I spent all the time in the studio painting or blogging from time to time.

I believe that art has the possibility to change the way we look at ourselves and the world. Through abstract art you are thrown back to yourself and feel yourself in a very special way.
I am on a mission to spread this consciousness with my art.
I never knew I wanted to become an artist. It was just something I needed to do. But since I started studying art and media design at the university it became clearer that I wanted to do nothing else in my life. My passion for painting and art in general exploded.Since then I try to express myself everyday through art. Art is life, and I want to show that.


My abstract paintings are a search for the unspoken. The intuitive way to use color, form and time forms an expression of myself and the things that will never have an equivalent in words. I am attracted by the game of action and reaction and am fascinated with the dance that evolves from the freedom I surround myself with.

One action leads to another and every mark has its importance and has a right to exist. In the end there is a complex conversation and every mark is a witness for time.

Each single piece is unplanned and a document of freedom and life.